High quality fireplaces & fireplace accessories for your home

In collaboration with renowned designers

High quality fireplaces & fireplace accessories

For your home

In collaboration with renowned designers

It’s on fire!

Especially when the temperatures drop and the days become shorter and shorter, there is hardly anything more beautiful than a cozy home and the sight of a cozy warm fireplace. The exclusive conmoto fire selection includes the most beautiful ethanol fireplaces as well as fireplace accessories for classic fireplaces, which were designed in close cooperation with renowned designers.

The first product of Johannes Wagner, the founder of conmoto, was a completely new type of fireplace set, which had little to do with the rustic models of fireplace accessories known until then. It should not only fuel the fire, but also hold a secondary use, that of a timeless and beautiful home accessory.

Environmentally friendly fireplaces and fireplaces based on bio-ethanol remain the specialty of the house. Thanks to conmoto’s almost limitless innovative spirit in this discipline, they have already been able to enjoy numerous international design awards.


Fire World Products

With great passion for good design and high-quality workmanship, the products of the conmoto fire world set modern but at the same time timeless classic accents in any room. The multifunctionality of the products became real highlights together with renowned designers.

Quality promise

conmoto stands for thoughtful design, high quality and attention to detail. Since conmoto manufactures in Germany with its own factory, the highest quality standards are maintained. The attention to detail is reflected in the high standard of workmanship down to the smallest detail.


The selected, exclusive and yet functional products of conmoto have already earned them numerous national and international design awards. Best design in best quality, that convinced and so conmoto received some of the most coveted awards worldwide.


The focus at conmoto is on the product. High design standards meet functionality. The designers, both well-known and newcomers, combine boundless creativity with classic craftsmanship to create products with great attention to detail. Speak: Perfectly thought-out design in all categories.

Made in Germany – your favorite fireplace

Ethanol fireplace “Travelmate” allows to enjoy everywhere the cozy atmosphere of a full-fledged and atmospheric fireplace. Whether at the dining table, on the carpet, next to the sofa, or even on the terrace or in the garden – with the “Travelmate” you can enjoy the atmosphere of the fire completely location-independent.

With the rollable ethanol fireplace “Roll fire” fire is appreciated in its original role. It is irrepressibly blazing, steadfast and yet completely free.

Portable “Safety Fuel” Fireplace – TRAVELMATE . 1.990,00 €

Rollable “Safety Fuel” Fireplace – ROLL FIRE €3,450.00

Design classics from Peter Maly

With the elegant and functional fireplace set by designer Peter Maly conmoto found its beginning. The freestanding fireplace accessory convinces with its straightforwardness. It includes lacing hook, dustpan and tongs. The stand and the cutlery are made of stainless steel. The leather handles on the cutlery protect against fire heat and the circumferential ripples in the leather protect against careless slipping. To this day, the PETER MALY fireplace set is a classic.

The glass fireplace screen by the designer PETER MALY in a simple elegant design protects against flying sparks in open fireplaces, but leaves the view of the fire unobstructed.

PETER MALY fireplace set . 1.445,00 €

PETER MALY Spark Guard . 475,00 €

Italian classics – A FERRO E FUOCO

Hand-forged iron meets authentic contemporary Italian design. A FERRO E FUOCO series consists of fireplace cutlery with wall mount or cutlery stand and a fire stand. Discarded railroad tracks are processed using a 500-year-old hammer powered by water. The series was designed by the Italian designer Marco Ferreri.

Fireplace set with wall mount . 484,00 €

Fireplace cutlery set with cutlery stand . 645,00 €

Fire trestle in two variants . from €215.00

The fireplace set and firewood rack from the EVO series are characterized by high quality workmanship and functionality. Clean lines, purist design and a natural look – the fireplace set and shelf will fit into any environment. The EVO series is made of high-quality HPL (High Pressure Laminate) and is available in anthracite, taupe and white, creating new accents in the living space. The fireplace set includes a lacing hook, tongs, broom and dustpan.

Fireplace set EVO . 295,00 €

Firewood rack EVO . 550,00 €

Fireplace accessories for the cozy season

Discover other selected fireplace cutlery and firewood rack COVO, which will create a cozy atmosphere by the fireplace.

Firewood rack COVO . 1.450,00 €

Fireplace set NORMA . 575,00 €

Fireplace set SINO . 565,00 €

Fireplace set TERAS VA . 665,00 €

Fireplace set TERAS P . 585,00 €

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Cushion chest EL PECHO
from 2.250,00 €

4.500,00 €

Rectangular table RIVA . 1.350,00 €

TICINO frame combination A
18.520,00 €

Design fireplace set – the perfect complement to your fireplace

Dancing flames in the fireplace are the epitome of coziness, especially in the colder season. For the care and cleaning of the fireplace is required fireplace tools. High quality fireplace cutlery should not only be useful, but also perfectly match the interior and perfectly integrate into the decor. At best, fireplace cutlery is a decorative highlight next to the fireplace. Discover our exquisite selection of high-quality fireplace cutlery from renowned designers and complement your fireplace to match your individual style.

What all belongs to a fireplace set?

Fireplace tools usually consist of several, fireproof tools, which are used for cleaning the fireplace, as well as preparing a cozy fireplace. They are either on a stand, bracket or attached to the wall next to the fireplace. The basic equipment consists of a fireplace shovel, a fireplace broom and a poker. Some sets also include a pair of fireplace tongs or an ash pusher.

The fireplace shovel and broom can be used to clean the fireplace after use or to remove the ashes, while the fireplace tongs are used to add or relocate fuel in the meantime. The poker also helps to keep the fire in the whole. Finally, the ash pusher frees the furnace from combustion residues.

Thanks to a wide variety of materials, shapes and colors of the fireplace cutlery, there is a great choice from simple to modern, from classic to fancy. Whether they have an open, rustic fireplace, or a modern stove, there is something here for every interior. Many sets are available at conmoto even in different colors, so there is even more choice for even more individuality.

conmoto fireplace cutlery

The conmoto stainless steel fireplace cutlery is minimalist yet present. They inspire with detailed processing technology as well as an impressive and exclusively coherent processing of the material. High-quality details such as genuine leather handles or glass in the front combine the durability of the products with sophisticated and impressive design.